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What Now for STEM? Accenture STEM research launched December 2019

  • 8 December 2019

Congratulations to Accenture on the launch of the latest research into attitudes to STEM at schools What Now for STEM?

The 2019 Accenture report of teachers, students and parents shows there is a consensus about the importance of STEM subjects in schools but confusion about STEM careers and the career opportunities that STEM subjects provide.

The report contextualises STEM in schools and outlines (p. 4) the challenges in teaching STEM subjects and the very real challenges in realising STEM benefits. It presents some stark data e.g. 56% of students agree that STEM subjects are too hard (p.4). It is noticeable that STEM job both old and new are absent from students most desired areas of work (p. 13). It notes that 85% of females are very inspired by role models (p.18). Work experience in STEM areas and companies and a better understanding of STEM jobs would help students, teachers and parents understand the career opportunities available in the Irish economy.

This report builds on previous Accenture Girls in STEM research in 2013, 2015 and 2017. WITS welcomes the research and congratulates Accenture and its partners 30% Club, CWIT, IWish and FastTrack to IT (FIT). It is valuable and important work about STEM in schools.

Accenture is a WITS corporate member.