Women in Technology and Science

STEM on Stage

WITS celebrated International Women's Day in 2013 with a STEM on Stage lecture in which the spotlight was shone on one of Ireland's leading women scientists/technologists and their work.

The Secret of the Bat Genome

In a lecture at the European Parliament office in Dublin on International Women's Day, Dr Emma Teeling (University College Dublin) spoke about ‘The Secret of the Bat Genome’. Dr Teeling is a leading international scientist in the cross-cutting fields of mammalian phylogenetics and comparative genomics. Her particular expertise is in bat biology.

In this talk, Dr. Emma Teeling challenged the generally accepted demonisation of bats and presented them as superheroes. Bats’ unique and fascinating biology gives us insight into our own genetic makeup. They are essential for the eco-system to function – without them plants and even entire industries could die. By studying bats and their unique sensory abilities we will gain great insight into human diseases of the senses such as blindness and deafness. And Emma believes that the secret of everlasting youth lies within the bat’s DNA.