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INCO Free IT courses

  • 4 March 2023

INCO Academy Free IT courses

INCO Academy has relaunched its entry level Google IT scholarship program and are looking for eligible candidates to join the16 week free online course. INCO Academy Ireland, supported by Google.org, seeks to up-skill, uplift and unlock opportunities to empower young people who face barriers when entering the labour market. INCO is hoping that to partner to help advance equitable access to IT careers.

Designed around Google’s Career Certificates, 100% free and available on Coursera, the fully-funded scholarship program is delivered virtually, through hands-on labs and coursework focused on real-world applications. The program teaches theoretical and technical skills, plus training in mindsets, behaviours, and employment essentials, to be successful in an IT entry-level job.

Website: INCO Academy

Contact Info: ellen.doyle@inco-group.co

Application Form: https://inco-group.typeform.com/to/rrrJRseJ

Information Session: 8 March 2023 at 6pm online here.

Start Dates IT Cert: 13th March 2023 10th April 2023 8th May 2023 Data Analytics Cert: 10th April 2023 8th May 2023

What will the learners get?

·Fully funded access to the online 16 week IT Support Professional Certificate developed by Google

·Continuous access to trainers and coaches and best-in-class pedagogical support

·Tailored resources and soft-skills support to maximise professional success

·Placement services to convert training into jobs

To further its commitment to ensuring learners have the greatest opportunities to thrive within the workforce, INCO Academy Ireland will provide wraparound placement services. Services include mentoring, career support and guidance, as it brokers relationships with employers across Ireland to ensure that upskilled alumni fill the digital skills gap.

What happens after?

Upon completion of the program, program graduates will earn a certificate from Google qualifying them for employment in high-demand, IT-related roles, including Systems Analyst,IT Technician, Database Administrator, Computer Specialist, and more.